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The combination of fire hazards that are present on a boat or ship in spaces like engine rooms, galleys and cargo areas can lead to devastating results without the proper protection in place.

That’s why a swift and efficient fire suppression system is critical when it comes to marine vessels.

It’s true that with larger boats, you’re dealing with liquids—like diesel fuel or lube oils—that don’t ignite as easily as gasoline. But many people don’t realize that most marine fires start as a result of an electrical or mechanical problem, such as hoses and fittings that break or leak, connections and lines that aren’t properly secured, or a spark or heat from a short or electrical fault. These can ignite a fire that—if caught quickly enough—may possibly be contained with a good fire extinguisher. If not caught quick enough such a fire can lead to disaster.

Protecting marine vessels is one of our specialties.

U.S. Coast Guard-approved marine suppression systems are a highly specialized area in which we've established our expertise on both U.S. Coast Guard-inspected vessels and non-U.S. Coast Guard-inspected vessels (such as pleasure boats).   We sell, design, install, service and inspect systems for U.S. Coast guard vessels, charter fishing boats, ferries, dinner cruisers, dredges, sportfishing yachts, and other commercial and pleasure boats.

We favor Kidde Carbon Dioxide Suppression systems. They are a leader in marine vessel fire protection, and we have worked with their systems for many years. We are one of only a small number of fire protection companies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware that have earned a full-line Kidde distributorship. We also specialize in FM-200 and other marine systems.


Military vessels

Cargo ships


Fishing vessels


Dinner cruisers


Cargo spaces

Control rooms

Engine rooms


Lube oil rooms

Machinery spaces

Paint lockers

Thruster rooms

Switchgear spaces

All of our systems include design, installation, inspection and maintenance.

Marine Fire Suppression Systems


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